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Quick Way to Increase Alexa Rank

Quick Way to Increase Alexa Rank - Actually, there is no really fast way to increase Alexa ranking because everything requires a process, however, according to my experience and from reading articles by SEO masters, several quite effective ways to increase our blog's Alexa ranking are as follows:

1. Install the Alexa Widget on the blog

Installing the Alexa widget is something we have to do because, with the Alexa widget, we can monitor the development of our blog page ranking. To install the widget, please visit Alexa.Com Widgets.

Quick Way to Increase Alexa Rank
Quick Way to Increase Alexa Rank

2. Blog Walking (BW)

Blog Walking is visiting each other's blogs. In my opinion, this is the most effective way to reduce the value (increase ranking) of Alexa. When BW, don't forget to comment politely according to the content of the post and by using our blog URL (Name/URL). After our comment has been sent, click on the link in the comment to our blog so that our blog link is quickly indexed in the Alexa database.

3. Create articles or posts that are useful for visitors

By creating articles that are useful for visitors, of course, many people will visit to read our articles. Alexa also uses our blog page views to determine the Alexa value of our blog.

4. Review each other's blogs on Alexa review

Even though I don't know for sure about the use of Alexa review, I am sure that the blog review facility provided by Alexa certainly has a function and influences the value of the Alexa blog.

5. Make posts regularly and on a schedule

Indeed, as bloggers, there are times when we get bored and lazy about updating our blogs. If this is the case, usually the Alexa value of our blog will increase. So, to keep the Alexa blog kit score stable and improving, apart from the steps above, of course, we also have to post regularly, especially if our blog is still new.

These are just my tips on How to Increase Alexa Rank, I hope they are useful!

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