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What is the Google Display Network and its Benefits

Business people are certainly familiar with the term Google display advertising. A Google Ads ad unit that displays images, videos, or the like. With this type of advertising, you can market your product by targeting people who like advertisements in the form of photos.

What is the Google Display Network and its Benefits
What is the Google Display Network and its Benefits

For more details regarding the meaning of Google Display, you can read the review below:

Understanding Google Display Network?

Google Display Network is a tool developed by Google. This service makes it easier for you to get potential consumers through advertising. GDN will target customers using advertising without going through the Google search engine.

The GDN advertising system is believed to have better performance in reaching internet users compared to other online advertising systems. For those of you who have an online business and want to market products using advertising, GDN is one of the services that many recommend trying.

Just like other Google advertisements that appear in the form of photos, GIFs, videos, or promotional text offering a product, advertisements created using the GDN system will also appear when internet users are playing games, opening emails, running applications, and the like.

Reasons to Use GDN

Nowadays, many people use the internet. In fact, most of the work is now done online. As a result, many people spend time accessing websites and various social media platforms. This condition makes websites and social media considered effective media for product promotion.

As an advertising service developed by Google, GDN is claimed to be able to reach up to 90 percent of internet users, especially those connected to Google services. This means that your business will greatly benefit from advertising using the Google Display Network.

The advertisements that appear when using GDN are not only in the form of images but also text and several other things that aim to increase the interest of the audience or target market in knowing about your product.

Apart from that, there are many types of targeting that you can use in advertising online through GDN services. The targeting provided starts from potential consumers' habits, age, and interests based on previous website visits.

Types of Targeting on GDN Services

When promoting a product, it is a good idea to also use promotion via the internet, considering that many potential consumers are also connected to the internet. By using advertising services like GDN, it will be easier for you to reach them. To do this, simply show them product advertisements according to the target you want. There are at least three types of audience targeting on the GDN service that you can use, namely:

Keyword Targeting

When you promote a product through writing, you need to determine keywords. Because the keyword targeting feature will connect ads according to the product content. For example, you sell camping equipment. So keywords that can be used include shoes, children's clothes, gardening equipment, and keywords that are still related to the product.

Topic Targeting

The next type of targeting focuses on targeting ads according to your product offering. The installation can be adjusted to websites that discuss certain topics only. For example, you want to sell gardening equipment. So the product advertisements that must appear are shovels, hoes, and the like.

From here, it can be seen that GDN makes it very easy for you to display specific advertisements, and GDN tries to ensure that your advertisements only appear on websites with appropriate topics. That way, the audience on that topic will also easily respond to your ad, even make a conversion in the form of a purchase transaction or leave data to receive another offer from you at a later time.

Placement Targeting

As the name suggests, placement targeting allows your ad to appear on certain websites, especially websites that are frequently visited by people who match your target audience. You can be sure that the website will also display information that matches the product you are advertising.

There are two ways to implement placement targeting, you can do it manually or automatically. If you do it manually, you have to do research first on the website you want. For example, 5 websites are suitable for the product you want to market.

Of the three websites, you have to find which one has the highest traffic. If you have found it, you can choose the website to display the advertisements that have been provided.

Meanwhile using the automatic method is clearly easier. The automatic placement allows ad-setting activities to be carried out by the system according to the ad settings you have made.


That is a brief review of what the Google Display Network (GDN) is, which can be utilized and used by online business people in implementing digital marketing strategies and carrying out promotions using advertising. Hopefully, this is useful and can help you increase sales from advertising promotions using the Google Display Network.

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