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Want a Free Website? – It Could end Up Costing You, Potential New Clients

Why a free website can damage your practice’s branding and cost you more money than expected.

Over the last few years, more and more businesses have fallen into the danger of choosing an online “free” website service. Often, they end up spending a lot of their own time building their practice's website to then find out that the website is nothing more than a static online version of their business card. It does not provide them with new clients or improve their professional branding.

Want a Free Website?
Want a Free Website?

These free websites are not built to fulfill the user’s experience. They do not encourage clients to request services online or interact with your social media community. You may also find that websites built this way cannot be found on the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

A business website should not be an online static directory listing. It should be an integrated part of your practice marketing strategy that pays to invest in.

Most people now search on the internet for local businesses. Your website is potentially your customer’s first impression of your business and your staff. It reflects how professional the services you provide are and builds confidence with potential new clients.

Therefore, Some Points Should Be Considered When Building A Website:

- Your website should be user-friendly and professionally designed and should depict a true reflection of your branding.

- The content should always be original and interesting and kept up-to-date regularly

- Images must be of high resolution and load quickly to keep the user's attention

- The site must follow Google's guidelines to rank well in search engines. It also needs to be well optimized both from the application level and server level.

- A responsive website is also a must nowadays, so it can be viewed on any type of device (smartphones, tablets…)

- It should use the most advanced coding methods to ensure it meets the latest internet standards

- The website needs to be using a good caching system and load very quickly. Remember google takes into consideration the upload time of a website when positioning your keywords on their search engine.

A website that meets these requirements will have a much greater effect with better engagement and a higher conversion rate than a free website and will attract new patients to your business and enhance your professional reputation and branding online.

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