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Types Of Advertisement

Types Of Advertisement - The advertisement is one of the most used marketing ways of communication; it is used with one purpose - to make people like and use certain brands of goods or services. It uses many methods to influence a particularly chosen audience to feel related to the advertised product and to buy and use it.

Types Of Advertisement
Types Of Advertisement

In most cases, it is a commercial advertisement, with only one idea - to increase the consumption of the products or services of a particular company; to help for gaining more profit.

They create advertising campaigns based on proven and new techniques; and use the media to connect with the audience. Based on all these there 2 main types of advertisement - traditional and modern; and they are also divided into:

- Print advertisement - one of the oldest types, a highly successful event, now - in the digital era; all the advertisements printed on paper are considered print advertisements - the newspapers, magazines, flyers, and booklets are among the most used sources for advertisement space;

- Billboard advertisement - part of the outdoor advertisement, using billboards, kiosks, events, and trade shows are the used methods; it is used for quickly catching attention, but for a short time; the kiosks are a little hard to make the ads but are in fact very successful ad tools;

- The radio and television advertisement - the radio is one of the oldest advertising tools; it was the center of many homes a long time before the invention of the TV. The prime time of the radio can be bought as advertising space and provides an extremely large audience. TV advertising was a gold mine for the advertising business for more than 50 years; it still reaches the largest targeted audience; and remains the most viewed advertising space.

- Online advertising - it is the latest way; the Internet changed the entire advertising - it consists of a couple of branches - TV, radio, and the Internet. It offers the largest audience in entire advertising history, but the way to reach all is still unknown;

- Covert advertising - this is the movie advertising - every shoe car, or house; anything in the movies is part of the advertising industry. It is the implementation of a particular brand in some kind of entertainment - movie, TV show; to be seen by many people and to make them like it;

- Indirect advertising - it is cigarette advertising for example - the product is sold freely, but its advertising is banned by the law - it uses surrogate advertising. The company has other products with the same name and uses them as reminders of cigarette brands they own(e.g.);

- There are many more - the advertising for public services; the coffee-cup ads; celebrity ads; digital media ads out of home; and in-store advertisements.

Mobile device advertising is a developing type of business; it offers an entirely new way of connecting with the audience - through their hands - and maybe in their heads soon.

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