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SEO Secrets and Tips to Boost Alexa Rank

SEO Secrets and Tips to Boost Alexa Rank - In the world of SEO, there is a ranking of excellence called Alexa rank, and is necessary to be considered to achieve quality traffic, higher conversion rate, and good search engine optimization results.

SEO Secrets and Tips to Boost Alexa Rank
SEO Secrets and Tips to Boost Alexa Rank

As we know search engine optimization, also called SEO, is increasingly important to achieve good results in the web today. A business´s website may have a website with excellent products or services, but without quality traffic, the business is doomed to fail. In recent years, in the world of SEO, there is a ranking of excellence called Alexa rank, and is necessary to be considered if you want to get good search engine optimization results.

First, I need to make clear that using purely white SEO you will find no instant magic formulas to improve your Alexa ranking. Besides good online marketing, the best and correct way to improve your position in Alexa requires good content, perseverance, and patience.

Indeed, many black hat SEO tools out there can improve your Alexa, promising to boost your site's positioning and increase your organic traffic. Tools such as traffic-generator and alexaboostup are widely known and used as pure black hat SEO tools for improving Alexa ranking. I would not recommend using specifically these types of strategies as they will end up harming your site in the medium/long run. At the end of the day, it's usually good to play it safe. After all, getting on Google's bad side doesn't really help anyone.

White Hat SEO practices produce effective, long-lasting, and ethical improvements to your website and are always good business practices. However, running with the crowd has its consequences too, especially if you want your website to stand out from the competition. If you follow White Hat SEO practices in the same way everyone else does, you're not doing much to stand out, and you may not achieve the search results you desire.

What you want is a mix of White Hat and some Black Hat: Think creatively to get ahead of others without breaking the rules.

What Is Alexa Rank?

It is a company by Amazon, that maintains the complete track record of each website including website traffic, website performance, etc. Founded in 1996, Alexa has a rich history of providing deep analytical insights to benchmark, compare, and optimize businesses on the web.

Alexa's tools transform raw data into meaningful insights that lead to real competitive advantage for your business. Alexa's comparative web analytics shows you how a site stacks up against others in categories that really matter. Alexa's international coverage means that whether you compete locally or globally, you can access metrics for the regions you care about.

Why Is Alexa Rank Important?

Alexa rank is very important to measure the quality and traffic of a business website. It is today the standard used measuring tool standard of sites or blogs, domain age, domain authority, the score, etc., and another vital issue is decided based on numerous factors, just like the one that’s the Alexa ranking. Over 75th of advertisers confirm the standard of your website or blog to visualize the Alexa ranking. The better the Alexa rank, the more you’ll get.

Before you settle for guest posts, website authors take a glance at your blog’s Alexa ranking.

What Data Do We Get From Alexa Rank?

This ranking serves to obtain multiple data of a website. Basically, the ranking system ranks pages according to their number of visits, the time spent on the site, page views, related links, backlinks, site speed... As it stated today, those who occupy positions No. 1 and No. 2, are Google and Facebook respectively.

How Often Is The Information Updated In Alexa?

Alexa information is fully updated every day through a series of complex processes, and after analyzing millions of data, Alexa computes traffic from Internet sites classifies them given their importance, and determines its position ranking internationally and locally.

The position of a website in the "Traffic Rank" is based on aggregated, traffic data for three months and takes into account both the number of users (reach) to visit a site, such as pages visited (page views).

We hope this brief introduction to the world of Alexa has been of interest.

Can I Display My Alexa Rank On My Site?

Yes, using an Alexa widget code like below you can display your site's Alexa rank on the site:

Just change to your website in two places in the HTML snippet below, and then copy and paste the code into your website's HTML:

<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>

Here is a widget that displays both your site's Alexa rank and Sites Linking In count:

<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>

What Can We Do To Improve The Ranking Of Our Sites In Alexa Rank?

  • It is possible to generate traffic with various positioning methods to get visitors. But at the end of the day, it is not only about generating traffic, we must ensure that these visits are quality visitors who are interested in our products or services, resulting in a higher conversion rate.
  • Another factor of importance is also the positioning in search engines with the most possible profitable keywords in related industries. The website needs to be SEO-optimized and easy to navigate to facilitate visitors the end goal (conversion rate). Therefore, the positioning of each keyword must match the section.
  • Another aspect to consider is to try to reduce as much as possible the average loading time of a site and code all styles in files (.CSS). This means that all page styles (font size, color, background image, styles of links, headlines, etc.) need to be added to the styling sheet, the same for JavaScript.
  • External resources such as CSS and Javascript need to be optimized, compressed, and aggregated, which will reduce both the size and number of requests made to the website.
  • An appropriate cashing system needs to be implemented both for anonymous and logged-in users to boost the site's speed.
SEO and everything to do with getting more visits: publish periodically on social networks, and share information reasonably on other blogs (without spamming). for a more complete step-by-step checklist to effectively optimize your website check: Ultimate step-by-step SEO Checklist.

After your site is fully optimized, check the 20 methods to increase Alexa's ranking.

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