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Responsive Design: The Key to the New Digital World

Responsive Design: The Key to the New Digital World - Today the majority of people access the internet using mobile devices. Showing your company’s website in a mobile version and adapting it to a smaller screen will make the lives of your clients much easier. This is why a responsive website is key to success with any digital marketing campaign you run for your website.

Responsive Design: The Key to the New Digital World
Responsive Design: The Key to the New Digital World

Having a responsive website is very important, and is part of the onsite SEO marketing. Already more than 2.4 billion people worldwide use the internet and 2.1 billion of those users access the internet via mobile devices.

How Does Your Website Dynamic Adapt To Different Online Devices?

There is a web design trend that is called “responsive design”. Websites designed this way adapt to every screen size automatically, regardless if it is a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The website adjusts not only the looks but also the functionality of the website.

Basically, the layout of the page will be minimized or rearranged in adjustment to the screen it is seen on. Pictures can take differing sizes on smartphones or tablets and the content can be found in other places compared to the computer version. Sometimes even different content is displayed in different versions.

Term Introduced In 2010

In 2010 Ethan Marcotte wrote an article for the online platform “A List Apart” introducing the term “responsive design”: “Responsive web design offers us a way forward, finally allowing us to ‘design for the ebb and flow of things’.”, he praised the new possibilities.

Back then feelings ran high about the necessity of adjusting a website to each and every device. An example can be seen in the comment section of that same article written by Ethan Marcotte. Back in 2012 Web designers still commented that they would not recommend responsive design because it wouldn’t be worth their time or the client’s money. Only a few believed that the mobile phone would become the main device of online search.

Responsive Design Is A Must Today

This opinion changed a lot over the last few years. Nowadays a responsive website is basically a must. The majority of people in Europe use their mobile phones to access the internet and expect to see well-arranged and clearly structured pages. Smartphones and Tablets function as directories and consultants, besides the internet is the place to look for and give recommendations.

Over the last few years, it has been proven that mobile devices are used online by 80% of internet users in Europe. They are using it for online interaction as well as researching products and suppliers. It’s expected as the norm that websites are clearly displayed and imperative that to keep up with your competitors you must be visible where your clients are spending their time.

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