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How to Set Up Your Facebook Page for Your Business

How to Set Up Your Facebook Page for Your Business - Six out of ten Internet users online are using Facebook, and it is on this social media channel that they spend much of their time daily. That is why your business must be present in the most powerful channel of Social Media.

How to Set Up Your Facebook Page for Your Business
How to Set Up Your Facebook Page for Your Business

However, be careful, this is not about making a profile and starting to publish without any criteria or regularity. We must map out a strategy and clear goals, and remember that creating a social media channel without giving them proper maintenance can be counter-productive.

Optimize Your Profile

The profile of our business on Facebook must be optimized from the first day. The images you put in there must be of high quality since many people will decide their Like depending on what you show them.

The sizes have to follow the specifications that Facebook details. For your cover photo, you must insert a picture of 851 x 315 pixels, and for your profile pic, 180 x 180.

About the small picture of your profile, there are two options: display the logo of your practice or directly a picture of yourself or of the representative of your business. Everything depends on what you want to transmit and the orientation of your branding.

Options For Your Images

The first of the options we recommend is obviously the logo that globally enriches your business. This is the right choice if we are working on the branding of a business with many services and a wider professional repertoire.

The second option is advisable for smaller businesses. Its great advantage is the feeling of closeness with your clients. Seeing the faces of the professionals of the business inspires great confidence. In the digital marketing business, for instance, people always prefer to talk to the digital marketer who does the job rather than request a service online via a web form.

As for the cover picture, I always recommend using some original and real images. Photos from the internet are cold and impersonal, and what we want in social media is just the opposite: stay closer to our clients.

You have several possibilities for this picture: display the outside or the inside of your business, a picture of yourself or of your team working (remember that in this case, you must always get permission from them), or an image with all the staff having fun, etcetera.

Don't be afraid of showing yourself openly in these photographs. Realize your clients are looking for someone to trust and these kinds of images help to achieve this purpose.

About Our Business

Give the right use to the tab that shows the details about your business. This content can be so handy for our clients and the key for those who plan to contact us.

We must include our business´s details: address, phone, timetable, email address, and very importantly: a direct link to our website. Also, remember to put the opening times where you provide support on Facebook. More and more clients are using Facebook to connect with businesses.

In the About tab, we have also the option to add a description of our services. We can include two versions, one shorter and the other extended. Use this text to expose attractively the strengths of your business and the services in which you specialize.

Call To Action Button

Now Facebook allows us to include a very interesting business page button. This Call to action claims the user to interact directly with our business. This option is essential to achieve our goals.

Here we can decide the action of this button. It can be a link to our site, or even better, a direct phone number to our business.

This button is definitely a great ally to convert. It increases the direct engagement and also the conversion rate of a business, which is the main reason for our online marketing.

Now you know how to set up the Facebook page of your business. So have fun and for any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

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