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How to Attract New Clients Through Social Media

How to Attract New Clients Through Social Media - You can attract potential new clients on the internet by using social media platforms with a good social media strategy for your business, reassuring them that your practice has a good reputation and that your current clients are satisfied with the quality of the services provided.

How to Attract New Clients Through Social Media

There’s a series of factors a customer today wants to be reassured of before purchasing a product or service or undertaking a treatment. Firstly, they want to know they can count on the support of the company they are about to establish a commercial relationship with. This

is especially important in the case of service-related industries and other relationship-based businesses; they want you to reply to all their inquiries and feel they are in capable and supporting hands. They want to get to know a bit about the doctor they are going to work with and learn about the practice’s values and reputation.

For This Purpose, They Will Look For You On The Different Social Media Platforms And:

  • Read about your practice in the content you provide in your posts.
  • Check your online reputation by reading clients’ comments and testimonials.
  • Establish direct communication with your practice, for example through private messages on Facebook and Twitter.

Enhance Your Exposure

While allowing potential clients to know more about your practice is the main reason to have a social media presence, it is not the only one.

Being present on social media platforms also has a positive influence on SEO terms. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consists of the improvement of a website’s visibility on different search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc. It has a direct impact on the

number of internet users that find your website (and your pages on different social media sites) when looking for your business-related terms, and therefore on the number of visits you receive. This positive influence occurs in two different ways. Firstly, search engines such as

Google takes into account the amount of social sharing a website has, giving a higher rank to the most engaging ones. Secondly, social media network sites have a high rank themselves, and by participating in them you will achieve greater online exposure.

There are several other ways you will improve your business’s online visibility. For example, you will have the option to interact with other companies in your sector. You will benefit from these alliances in many different ways (such as having access to better sources of information, enhancing your reputation, and participating in cross-promotion processes).

You will also have your own clients spreading the word for you; by engaging with the content you provide, they will make their friends and families aware of your existence and the services you offer.

Social Media Platforms

Though there are many different social media sites your business can benefit from (Google+, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc), in this document we are going to analyze and expose the main advantages of three of them: Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Of these three, Twitter and Facebook have been established for quite some time, while Pinterest is a younger platform (the number of users of which is increasing exponentially).

All of them offer marketing and networking solutions and possibilities that any type of business can’t ignore. They all prove to be excellent tools to make a company grow (both in terms of the number of clients and reputation).

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