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10 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Page

10 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Page - Some years ago, in the business of Social Media Marketing, one of the justifications to get a presence in the social world was the trend of having a Facebook business page.

10 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Page

Fortunately, today many brands already have some kind of experience of Facebook, which does not mean they are maximizing the possibilities offered by this platform. It can also happen to have a strategy that is working minimally well, which minimizes any desire to explore new directions.

All these things can be detrimental to the long-term brand presence on Facebook. Here are some tips on how to improve your Facebook page.

1. Work With Realistic Goals

Most importantly is important to understand the functionalities of Facebook and plan realistic goals. Understand that you will not get an incredible amount of followers only because we created a page on Facebook, and most importantly it does not happen overnight.

We need to understand that if we make a campaign or Facebook Sponsored Ads with a piece of accurate knowledge, it may be a good use of money. The best way to be realistic in this business is to set goals that are also based in reality, at least in terms of number of fans, engagement, and more. Realism also has to expand while we are within the platform.

2. Determinate Your Group Of Audience

If you do not know who you're talking to, well, then you have a serious problem with communication. The communications strategy can not be based on the needs of the brand to 100 percent, also you have to have a specific target to which you will be addressing.

3. Create Appropriate Content

I think you can not repeat enough the importance of content in improving your Facebook page. The content is what differentiates you from others, therefore, you must be original, and creative. People know that there is someone behind the voice of the brand, and this is an excellent opportunity to "humanize" a company.

4. Accept The Versatility

One of the things that defines social networks is versatility. both users and the social media platform are constantly changing. From minimal changes to very important design developments, it is important to always be on top of each minor change to adapt your business to the new situation.

5. Understand Your Numbers

Having a communication strategy together with interesting content is very good, but it will be in vain if we cannot understand how this strategy works. If we bet on a Facebook page we need to understand our audience and try to elucidate their behavior.

10 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Page

The best way is to understand the statistics we have available for free through Facebook Insights, where we find, among other things, what is the best time to publish, what type of content is better received, and more...

6. Improve Your Fingertips

The scope of Facebook, as we have mentioned on other occasions, depends on what kind of publications we do, how we can make these publications shared organically (ie without buying impressions), and how we can change the content for a place preferential in the Timeline of our fans. With content of various types (images, videos, status updates) we are in a good starting position for a good scope.

7. Explore Other Social Networks

Ironically, a good strategy in social networks should not be closed social networks but should be framed in a wider digital strategy, including other platforms and how the brand can live on the network, not only on Facebook. This does not mean that, for example, you should have the same strategy on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Still, you should consider other alternatives to meet your goals and understand the different audiences in the different social networks.

8. Complement Your Computer

After a while dedicated to the content of a page, you run the risk of generating monotonous and boring content. This does not mean you're bad at your job, it is just a signal to get some new perspective into the project. To avoid the problem, we can also invite collaborators (anonymous or known) to administer a page in a kind of takeover that will serve to give a twist to everyday communication.

9. Do Not Be Dull

Speaking of monotony, discussed in the previous paragraph and in the scope of how important it is to not be repetitive. The monotonous content is a problem because it is not only subject to penalize by the algorithm of the platform but also it will be a boring topic to your fans, who may cease to follow you. Regardless of the emphasis to be given to a particular communication, it is important to have varied content.

10. Establishes Appropriate Channels

Finally, to improve your Facebook page you have to establish which elements for each of the things you will want to communicate on your channels. This will depend heavily on the strategy you want to have. Your sales channel and your channel customer can be inserted into Facebook or be in a completely different place, but you must implement a plan before action. Nothing is written in stone and everything can be changed, but it is important to have the will to plan and play.

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