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Job Advertisement Example

Job Advertisement Example - Writing a job advertisement can be hard for a first-timer but here is a job advertisement example to help you get that done.

Job Advertisement Example

The first step is to write a description of the company. This should give people an idea of what kind of company they will be joining. Here is an example of a description.

The company is a business leader in the advertising business in (insert Country). We are driven by our vision to create great ads that challenge perception and influence thinking. The company is always on the lookout for great talent that is able to add value to our forward forward-thinking thinking team. Established in 1999, the Company has grown from strength to strength to establish itself in 4 different countries on this continent.

The next step is to give the job description. This should be search engine friendly if the ad will be online. That means it should use words that people are more likely to search for. For example, use Advertising Manager, not Advertising Overseer. You can find the best words to use by searching online and see which words have the most results.

You then need to give the location where the position is being offered, the salary scale, the duration of the appointment, the experience level needed, and the Education level required. This could look like this:

Location: (Insert city or town)

Salary: Negotiable

Duration: 2 years renewable

Min Experience: 3 years in a similar position

Min Education: College Degree

Next, you will have to give the Job Description. You can write it in paragraph style or you can just list the roles the candidate would have to perform. Depending on the advertising space available, you can choose whether or not to give a detailed description of the job. This is what this section can look like.

Job Description

The Advertising Manager will be required to:

- Lead the entire advertising team

- Plan advertising campaigns to meet the goals of the company

- Negotiate advertising contracts with media houses

- Chair advertising and market meetings

- Gather information to be used in advertising campaigns

- Create advertising budgets

- Approve adverts before they are sent out to the media

The next step is to provide a description of the ideal candidate, this goes into a personal description, skills the person should have, and any other personal requirements motivated for the job. See the example below.

The Ideal Candidate will:

- Be self motivated

- Be able to work under minimum supervision

- Have proven leadership skills

- Have a working knowledge of all Microsoft business applications

- Have good report-writing skills

- Ready to work overtime

One of the final steps is to let the applicants know how they can apply for the job. If you would like online applications then you will provide an email address for them to respond to or a link to an online application which can be filled and submitted. You should also inform them if they should submit their CV and academic transcripts along with the application. You should also give the deadline for submission of applications. As illustrated below.

How to Apply

If you meet the above criteria please send a copy of your updated CV with your academic transcripts to the following email address before the (deadline) Remember this Job advertisement example is not detailed so you can make one that is detailed but following these guidelines.

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