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Why You Should Advertise on Google

Why You Should Advertise on Google - Many people do not realize that it turns out that running an advertisement is one of the most profitable things, but on condition that you know how to target the right market and how to process appropriate campaigns and have a high-quality score.

Why You Should Advertise on Google
Why You Should Advertise on Google

Therefore we provide AdWords advertising services at a low cost but efficient, targeted, and full optimization.

But that's not what we want to discuss here, what we want to discuss is why you must advertise on Google media?

Yes, we know that there are many advertising media, ranging from television, radio, banners, billboards, classified ads, and many others, but what's wrong with Google Ads? Let's try to see the reasons for these reasons below.

10 Reasons to Choose Google Ads Not Others

As the title implies, we will focus on Google Ads, maybe some of you are more familiar with Google Adwords, but that's not a problem because everything is the same, one platform and one goal.

1. Very Affordable Costs

The most important thing that is the basis for choosing Google Ads as an advertising medium is in terms of cost, you can freely set the cost of advertising funds at will, starting from 10,000 / day you can create your advertising campaign. Even so, you still have to pay attention to auctions and ad shares, because it will greatly affect your ad impressions.

2. Suitable for Various Needs

As a giant and number one internet advertising media in the world, google ads will not disappoint the creators of advertising campaigns, in addition to the cost of advertising that is very affordable for all people, Google ads also make it easy to achieve the goals of its advertisers.

Among the objectives that you can do by advertising on Google are, getting direct sales, getting a database of potential customers, introducing trademarks, and bringing customers directly to your business location with a special existence.

3. Many Campaign Selection Features

There are many choices of campaign types that you can create according to your needs ranging from search ads, shopping ads, display ads, and video ads to app ads. You will be greatly helped by this feature because it can be adjusted to your business.

4. Easy to learn

Everyone can run Google Ads independently, with various features and various conveniences provided making Google advertising very popular, google itself has provided a lot of material on how to run ads effectively.

It's just that even though it's easy to learn and easy on the streets, in practice not everyone can adjust ads to the business being run, so the ads run do not produce good conversions and ultimately just waste money.

Therefore we are here to help you manage your ads to be more effective, you don't need to bother managing, analyzing, and so on, all you need to do is sit back and wait for your potential customers to contact your business.

5. Pay Only If Ad Gets Clicks

One of the benefits that is very beneficial for you as an advertiser is to pay for advertising costs in the event of a click, you will never be charged if it just goes live except for ads in the form of videos, this is very useful in controlling advertising costs that are minimal budget.

6. Can View Ad Statistics & Reports Through the Application

To create an ad campaign you need a device that supports loading the official Google Ads site, such as a computer or tablet, and currently does not support the mobile version in creating campaigns, but you can still control your ads through the Google Ads application that can be downloaded through the play store or apps store.

This is very useful for those of you who don't want to bother creating your own ad campaigns by ordering through advertiser services but want to see in real-time the statistics and remaining balance.

7. Various Automatic Features Available

You as a beginner ad publisher and want to create ads that produce good results don't need to worry, because Google Ads has automatic features for beginner ad publishers, even though all the automatic ad results you get are good enough to serve your ads.

8. Free Coupon

As a form of Google appreciation to all advertisers, google gives credit for free in the form of promotional credit coupons for anyone who creates a new Google ads account. The amount of credit in the coupon differs depending on the advertiser's country.

But to get promotional coupons you have to be diligent in opening emails from Google, because the coupon code will be given to new customers via email, and to use it there is also a way of its own, namely by at least spending advertising first in the amount specified in the coupon obtained, and the coupon value will be adjusted to the amount spent within 31 days with a maximum coupon value obtained is $45.

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