The Best Search Engine In The World

Google is the best search engine in the world at present. It has a good reputation and is the best choice for searching the web. It has a service that is crawler-based providing you with comprehensive coverage on the web as well as good relevancy. This search engine is highly recommended as the best place if you need something to search.

The Best Search Engine In The World

Many challenges are present when designing search engines. To collect web documents and to keep them up to date the technology of fast crawling is required. In an efficient way, the spaces of storage should be used to store indices and document themselves. It should process hundreds of gigabytes containing data in the indexing system of Google. The queries must be handled very fast. For one second it should have a rate of hundreds to thousands of queries.

There are some facts to consider when focusing on the design goals of Google. The improved search quality is the first goal. Improvement of the quality of web search engines is their main goal which they often try to fulfill.

It is also becoming increasingly commercial over time along with the tremendous growth of the web. In the year 1993, the number of web servers having .com domains was 1.5%. In 1997, this increased by a larger percentage which is 60%. And also the search engines migrated from the domain of academic to commercial.

Building systems is another design goal of Google which can be used by a reasonable number of people. Building an architecture that is able to help novel research activities on large-scale data is the last design goal.

There are two main characteristics that support to generate high precision results when talking about the system features of Google. In order to calculate a quality ranking for every web page it uses the link structure of the web at first. This ranking method is called PageRank. It utilizes the link to improve, the search results secondly.

To model the behavior of a user PageRank can be used. In this, we make an assumption that there is a random surfer who is given a web page randomly and he keeps clicking the links and will not hit back and gets bored eventually and will start on another new random page. This probability of the random surfer visiting a web page is called its PageRank.

Anchor Text is another system feature of Google. In a special manner, the texts of the links are treated in search engines. Many search engines are associating the link text with a page where the link actually exists.

The systems that were used for this process were many years old and were well developed are used in the process of information retrieval. However, the research on these information retrieval systems was on small and well-controlled homogeneous collections like collections of scientific papers or news stories related to a topic. So this is a description of the best search engine in the world, Google.

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