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Search Multiple Search Engines - Using The Ultimate Alternative Search Engine

Search Multiple Search Engines - Have you ever wondered what it would be like to search more than one search engine simultaneously? Well, wonder no further as a superior alternative search engine offers you the platform of searching multiple search engines at the same time.

With, you can search Google, Yahoo!, Bing, YouTube, eBay, Amazon, Alixpress and Wikipedia simultaneously. Before we see how it works, let us first see the benefits of searching multiple search engines at once.

Benefits Of Searching Multiple Search Engines

There are a host of benefits to searching more than one search engine at a time. Although we know that Google is the best place to do a search, at the same time we should also not ignore all other search engines because we can get varied results sets from other search engines too. However, searching in other search engines may be a time-consuming job for many. Keeping this in mind, we have created this site to help surfers get the results from more than one search engine in a single button click! You may search a single keyword or multiple keywords on our site.

Searching A Single Keyword

Searching a single keyword on our site will work the same way as searching for a single keyword on Google and other search engines. The only difference is that with, you will be able to search all these search engines simultaneously. To search for a single keyword, click on the title ‘single keyword’ that is on the left of your window right below the title ‘Alternative Search Engines’. The ‘single keyword’ title will turn blue, with the other two titles appearing black. You will see a bar prompting you to ‘search Google+ Yahoo+ Bing combined in a single click’. Type your keyword on this bar.

Before clicking on the search icon at the right of your screen, you can sort the search results by a number of sort preferences. You fine-tune the search to sort by most favorite, most viewed, most contacted, most replied, most commented, Alexa rank, and page rank to have a search that most closely matches what you are looking for across multiple search engines. Once you settle on your preferred sort option, you can then click on the search icon at the right of your screen.

On clicking the search icon, you will be displayed with search results of the keyword you searched. For example, if you searched ‘apple’ and opted to sort by ‘most viewed’, you will see search results from different search engines displayed from left to right at the top of the screen. These search results from each search engine will be activated and become visible when you scroll the mouse icon over the respective search engine. For example, if you scroll the mouse icon over the ‘Google’ icon, you will see the search results from Google on ‘Apple’.

As you can expect, the first search result on Apple directs you to and not a website on Apple-the-Fruit. You can then scroll the mouse over the ‘Yahoo!’ icon to view the search results from this search engine. The process is the same if you want to view the search results on ‘Apple’ or whatever keyword you searched displayed by Bing, YouTube, and the other search engines. If you do not like this other search engine's results, you can just turn off this option using the "Turn Off Preview" option found on the extreme right.

You can opt to change your sorting preferences as you continue with your search. To change your sort preference, simply click on the drop-down menu that is on the left of the blue search icon at the top right of your window.

Searching Multiple Keywords

Unlike most contemporary search engines, you can search multiple keywords in addition to single keywords. This is especially crucial if you are conducting keyword research or a similar exercise. To search multiple keywords, click on the title ‘multiple keywords’ that is on the right of the ‘single keyword’ title you clicked before.

The ‘multiple keywords’ title will turn blue to show that it is activated. You will then see a tab that will prompt you to one keyword per line. To separate one keyword from another, simply press Enter on your keyboard. You can type as many keywords as you wish on different lines in the tab. Then click the blue search button on the right of your screen.

Different search results will be displayed for each keyword you searched. For example, if you search both ‘apple’ and ‘mango’, you will have search results for both ‘apple’ and ‘mango’. You will see the keywords you searched for just below the search bar displayed in buttons containing an ‘X’ symbol. To see the search results of each keyword, you need to press the button of each keyword.

For example, to view the search results of ‘mango’, you need to press the button written ‘mango’. The search results will be displayed in a similar fashion to the search results under a single keyword search. To check the search results for different search engines, all you need to do is scroll the mouse icon across the various search engine buttons. You can also choose to sort the search results for each search engine just as you did for the single keyword search.

How To Open Multiple URLs

You can open multiple URLs in this site just as you would open them using your Internet browser. The only difference is that all the URLs that you will open will be displayed in the same window. To open multiple URLs, you need to click on the ‘open multiple URLs’ title that appears at the right of the ‘multiple keywords’ title. The ‘open multiple URLs’ title will turn blue. You will then be prompted to copy and paste the different URLs you need to open in a bar that appears just below the title.

Once you copy and paste the URLs you need to open, click on the ‘Open’ button on the right of your screen. You will be displayed with the various websites on buttons similar to those of the multiple keywords search. To check out the respective website, you just need to click on the button below. Pretty cool, huh?

You can therefore use this site to search both single keywords and multiple keywords across different search engines. This will be helpful to you especially if you are conducting various projects that need you to perform various tasks simultaneously. Moreover, you can also search multiple URLs. This website is certainly for the modern Internet user who needs options and variety.

Advertising Opportunities

We also offer lucrative advertising options with our new search engine. If you run a website, chances are you get frustrated time and again trying to optimize it on popular search engines. Search engine optimization has indeed led many people to spend lots of money and time on various techniques and tools that they would be better off channeling toward growing their businesses. Increasing your online presence certainly does not have to be that hard. Luckily, ours is the alternative search engine that can be used to improve your website’s online visibility if you are willing to try it.

How Does It Work?

To enjoy the benefits of this alternative search engine, you first need to register the website of your business using one or more keyword(s). Your website will then be displayed on the site under the listings registered for that particular keyword (s). Each time that keyword(s) is typed, your website will move a step up within all the listings registered for that particular keyword.

This way, your website will move upwards gradually with each successive search of your keyword(s) until it reaches the top of the listing(s). Once your website reaches the top of the listing(s), it will be displayed on the next search to the last position where it started and the cycle will continue.

A Clear Example Of How To Use This Alternative Search Engine Tool

Let’s say you sell ladies’ handbags online through your site You can proceed to register your website on our site using the keyword: ladies handbags. We can assume that 9 other websites were registered through the website under this particular keyword. In this case, your website will be placed as number 10 under the listing of ‘ladies handbags’. When someone searches ‘ladies handbags’, your website will move to number 9 on the list as the website previously ranked number 9 moves to number 8, and so on.

This cycle will continue and at the tenth search of ‘ladies handbags’, your website will be ranked number one. Subsequent searches of ‘ladies handbags’ will displace your website to the bottom of the list and the cycle will continue. Assuming no other websites are added to the listing of ‘ladies handbags’, your website will appear at the top of the listing 100 times on each 1000th search.

Advantages Of Using This Alternative Search Engine Tool is certainly a revelation when it comes to modern Internet advertising. An urgent solution was certainly needed for businesses trying to increase their online presence. This alternative search engine tool certainly provides several solutions for businesses facing various challenges when trying to increase their online presence. The following are the advantages of using this alternative search engine to improve your internet marketing campaign.

You Are Guaranteed To Rank Number One In Our Unique Search Engine Rotation System

It is always good to come out top. Everyone likes to be number one. Many owners of businesses can only dream of seeing the website rank top of a search engine. You are locked out of potential business deals simply because your website does not rank number in a search engine.

With our site's rotation system, however, you are guaranteed to see your website at the top of the search engine time and again. It is a simple rotation system that has existed for ages which we have used to apply in the search engine industry as well. This will certainly mean greater visibility online and increase the flow of customers or clients to your website. I bet you wouldn’t mind having more customers/clients visit your website.

It Is Simple To Use

You probably have encountered mind-boggling tools and techniques for increasing your online presence. Crafty marketers out there have come up with incredible ways of luring unsuspecting business owners to their ineffective but complex online marketing tools. It is a pity that gullible business owners actually fall for them.

The good thing about this site is that it not only works but is also simple to use. All you need to do is register the website of your business under a listing(s) placed on the website and you are good to go. No more arcane graphs, platforms, and tools that do nothing to improve your visibility online.

The Return On Investment Is Attractive

Most internet marketing campaigns including search engine optimization (SEO) often lead to negative returns on investment. You end up spending a lot of time and money to increase your online presence and grow your business only to find out that you are spending more than what your business is generating. With this alternative search engine on the other hand, you are certain that you will get an attractive return on your investment as your website’s visibility is increased.

Increased Business If Combined With the Use Of the Right Keywords

Although this site is highly effective on its own, if you complement it with the right keywords you are guaranteed to convert the customers or clients who land on your website. You have limitless keywords to choose from under this alternative search engine. However, it is very important to use the right keywords so as to attract customers or clients who are genuinely interested in your product or service.

The chances of converting them are significantly higher. The good thing is that this alternative search engine offers keyword statistics that will guide you in knowing the kind of keywords that your current/potential customers/clients are searching for. You will therefore not get it wrong when selecting the listing(s) to be put under. As such, you will increase the odds of growing your business.

It Is Cost Effective

Businesses, especially small businesses and start-ups are often denied the chance of increasing their online visibility by the expensive online marketing tools and techniques dominated by the large and well-endowed businesses. The good thing with our site is that you can access it with very little funds and present your product or service to the millions of Internet users out there. is certainly the best place on the Internet that can guarantee your business's online presence. Your website will have an equal chance of high ranking as other websites included in a database containing over 2 million websites.

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