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Advertisement Analysis

Advertisement AnalysisAdvertising is one of the many expressions of the marketing industry; it is among the most used tools in the industry. It provides the marketing communication between the audience and the ad sponsors in order to make them to like, use, and buy its branded products.

Advertisement Analysis

The advertising has many different expressions - videos, photos and other; they are usually used in the media so they can reach as many people as it is possible. In most of the cases all of these are used in advertising campaigns, which are done in some time frames; and which must have good results. Of course the success of particular ad of entire advertising campaign is seen after it is started - from the reaction of the audience. No matter what is the result all the advertisers and ad companies always analyze its ads and ad campaigns - in order to find eventual mistakes and to avoid them in the future.

The Advertisement analysis takes part in every ad department of company; even before launched the future ad product is analyzed so the mistakes rate is lower. In fact the analysis of the advertisement is not different by any other analyze process; the most important is to break the chosen ad on its most important components. Then seeing how it works is the next step; most of the people tread the analyze as a puzzle - they try to find out, which of its parts work on their own and which work only if are connected with the others.

In the particular case of analyze - it must to be broken on these parts:

- The first is the purpose of the ad - it usually have to convince its public to use or buy particular services or products. There are of course others, which just give information for some public services.

- The photo or the picture of the ad - in fact every part of them is put there, nothing gets there by accident; of course it has only one idea - the business of the sponsor must be somehow connected with them - picture or photo.

- The "advertising language" is also among the most important parts of the ad itself; usually the words used are result of many hours of thinking, research and analyze; it is also called slogan and usually is short and catching the attention; and of course easy to remember.

The targeted audience is the next part of the ad analyze - there are no mass advertisings; each of them is pointed to specific audience - hobbies, taste, age, race, economic status and many more; the advertisers always research the targeted audience before the even make the project of the ad.

- The advertising use many techniques - traditional and innovative; not all the new ideas are good and some of the old are not too successful, sometimes; still there are some commonly used, which give very good results.

The advertising analyze is not that difficult as we can see, still it requires some knowledge and understanding of the matter and the audience.

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