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Get to Know 6 Google Ads Schemes and Structures

6 Google Ads Schemes and Structures - You have learned how to create Google Ads in just 3 steps, now you are opening the dashboard of your respective Google Ads account, but are a little confused about the structure or scheme in it.

6 Google Ads Schemes and Structures
6 Google Ads Schemes and Structures

If you are confused, well this is the structure of Google Ads that you can learn, then you are obliged to read the brief review below.

Here are 6 Google Ads Schemes and Structures

1. Partner Account

In the first order, there is a partner account or manager account, this account is not owned by many people, but you can also have it if you want it.

Manager accounts are used to manage multiple Google Ads accounts at once, so there is no need to bother logging in one by one to the account being managed, usually, people who need this account are those advertising agencies that offer Google advertising services.

Under the auspices of the account manager there are tens to thousands of Google Ads accounts that are managed, and you are in that position, so just forget the manager account, now you focus on your own account that you are managing yourself as well, namely a regular account.

2. Account

You are in this position, in the Google Ads dashboard the highest position is of course the account, the account is your main door to managing campaigns and so on, to create an ad of course you need an account, right? To create a new Google Ads account has been explained here, please read and learn.

3. Campaign

Campaign is the name for an ad program that you are running for the first time from the existing scheme, the campaign name you give is free, it doesn't have to be this and that, even using the default name is fine.

In this campaign, you can set bids, locations, audiences,, and others, which can be applied directly to the entire ad group, but not for keywords, because keywords or keywords are included in the ad group.

4. Ad Group

An Ad group is the part where you want to create an ad for different products, for example, ad group 1 is named the shoe ad group, ad group 2 is named the shirt ad group, and group 3 is named the pants ad group.

5. Keyword

The keyword position is under the auspices of the ad group, because of course in each group, there are different products so different keywords must be made.

6. Advertisement

This is the final part of the arrangement scheme in Google Ads that you manage, namely ads. A good ad group must have at least 3-5 ads in which it is also recommended that there is one responsive ad, you must know responsive ads if you have ever created ads on Google Ads.

Here the meaning of 3-5 ads does not mean that the ads introduce or offer different products, only the words made for ads offering one product are different, for example Selling Cheap Electric Cars with "Cheap Electric Cars" Search Only Here.

What is the difference between a campaign and an ad group?

Actually, I think it's the same just because it's already from there, we're just connoisseurs of what facilities can be made, but here there are things that Google actually wants, just imagine you, I'll give you an example with a case below.

This is just an example because I don't sell clothes. I am a clothing seller and also a person who offers a service, the two businesses that I manage have their respective websites, then I plan to advertise my two businesses the things I do in the account structure are like this

I created 1 Google Ads account, which contains 2 campaigns, namely the service campaign and the clothing campaign, and created 1 ad group for the service campaign, and created 3 ad groups for the clothing campaign, simply put like that, but actually, it doesn't really affect it just to make it easier to control. That's the thing I can share today about getting to know the 6 schemes and structure of Google Ads, hopefully, it will be useful for all of us.

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