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4 Types of YouTube Ads

4 Types of YouTube Ads - The presence of YouTube as a social media platform is arguably beneficial for all audiences. Not just for entertainment, we are all familiar with using YouTube to get all kinds of information, as simple as how to clean the refrigerator or the complexity of learning digital marketing through short videos there. This potential can be utilized by brands to advertise on YouTube.

4 Types of YouTube Ads

YouTube is still enjoyed today?

YouTube, with its diverse content, is able to attract television viewers to move to this medium.

Although it was labeled as experiencing a "setback" in terms of enthusiasts, the YouTube audience has returned after the COVID-19 pandemic which lasted from early 2020 until now. Not without reason, YouTube can even fill all of everyone's time, from finding entertainment and learning to some important events done with Live YouTube.

In fact, YouTube users globally still occupy high numbers. As mentioned in the We Are Social report, there are at least 2.56 billion people who use YouTube as of January.

The presence of YouTube in almost all lines of our lives, as evidenced by its many viewers, is certainly one of the potentials for advertisers to promote their brands. The way that can be done is with YouTube Ads.

Get acquainted with YouTube Ads

In short, YouTube Ads is a service provided by YouTube to promote business products or services. The use of YouTube Ads certainly presents several advantages for brands:

First, the costs incurred by advertisers will be cheaper than advertising in a conventional way. For example, in one type of ad, advertisers only pay for the ad if the audience watches the ad until it is finished.

Second, the target audience can be set more specifically. For example, advertisers can set the target audience based on demographics, such as gender, age, and income.

Third, ad performance is very clearly measurable. Advertisers can see performance from Google Analytics, which will certainly make it easier for advertisers to find the information they need. But don't forget to connect it first!

Here are the 4 Types of YouTube Ads

Skippable in-stream Ads

This first type of YouTube ad can indeed be easily encountered. These ads are 12 seconds to 3 minutes long and can be skipped by viewers. Viewers can close this ad at the 5th second. The advantage of this ad type is that advertisers only incur costs if the ad is watched for more than 30 seconds or until the ad is finished.

This is because this ad type pays its fees based on PPC (Pay-per-click). Now, the challenge for advertisers is how to produce interesting content so that viewers can be attracted in the first second and then watch it faithfully.

Non-Skippable Ads

As the name implies, this type of ad cannot be skipped by the audience. Non-skippable ads can be placed at the beginning of the video (pre-roll ads), the middle (mid-roll ads), or the beginning, middle, and end of the video (bumper ads). The duration of these ads ranges from 15 seconds or less according to the type.

Although these ads cannot be skipped, it is important to produce engaging content with a short but concise message. This is done so that advertisers can convey information and then capture the message by the audience.

Discovery Ads

If the previous two types of ads are in the video, this type of YouTube ad will appear on the search page, YouTube homepage, and pages related to the video being watched.

Of course, if the ad can be watched by more audiences, advertisers need to make the video ad in the top position. Well, SEO optimization of videos is the key! In short, SEO optimization of YouTube videos can be done by researching keywords, embedding the keywords in the video, and rewriting the keywords in the video description. In addition, advertisers can also place tags and categories that match the keywords.

Non-Video Ads

YouTube ad content doesn't always have to be in the form of videos. Non-video ads are here for advertisers who have simpler concepts than videos, such as text, cards, or images.

Here's an explanation:

Sponsored Card Ads

This is an advertisement in the form of an image (card) that will appear when the "i" icon in the right corner of the video screen is clicked by the audience. Only after clicking will the viewer be directed to the advertisement video or YouTube channel of the advertiser.

Overlay Ads

This type of ad appears as text in a semi-transparent box measuring 480x70 pixels when the video is playing. If the box is clicked, the audience will be directed to the advertiser's landing page.

Display Ads

Finally, display ads are in the form of images that will appear in YouTube search results and then be directed to the advertiser's landing page as well. So even if the advertiser doesn't have video content, the ad can still be attractive in the form of an image.

How to Make the Most of YouTube Ads?

Of course, the success of YouTube ads can be realized if they are optimized. Not only from the SEO side as mentioned earlier, there are some basic treatments that can maximize YouTube ads. Here are 3 tips for optimizing ads:

Objective ads

First, make sure your ad has a clear objective. Because again, certain objectives will affect the output of the resulting content. Determine from the start whether your ad is for awareness, selling, branding, and so on.

Produce creative videos

Viewers can feel annoyed if the ad video is boring. That's why creativity is a must! Not only the content idea but the execution must be considered. Advertisers can contact a creative agency to handle it!

End screen

You can optimize your video by utilizing the features that YouTube provides. Well, one of them is the End screen. The end screen is a feature that displays video or channel thumbnails. By using this feature, the opportunity for advertisers to be recognized by many people will be greater.

Are you interested in advertising on the YouTube platform? The choice is yours!

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