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Advantages of Blog Over WordPress

Advantages of Blog Over WordPress - Is it still relevant to build a "blog" in this era of digital progress?

To answer all your questions and also this writer's, let's take a look at the brief review below.

Advantages of Blog Over WordPress
Advantages of Blog Over WordPress

In today's digital era, various platforms can be used to share information and express themselves online.

Two very popular platforms in this regard are blogs and WordPress. While WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms, there are still advantages that a typical blog has.

This article will explain why blogs have advantages over WordPress and why blogging is still relevant in today's online world.

Here Are the Advantages of Blogs Compared to WordPress

1. Flexibility in Design

One of the main advantages of blogs is the flexibility in design. In creating a blog, you have complete freedom to customize the layout, theme, and visual style to suit your personality and the purpose of your blog.

You can organize your blog in a way that reflects your unique identity.

Meanwhile, while WordPress offers several theme and layout options, limitations still exist in terms of personalization and flexibility.

2. Full Control of Content

In running a blog, you have full control over the content you share.

So you can write about any topic, in any format, and in any style you choose.

Furthermore, you can upload photos, videos, or other media as you see fit.

However, within WordPress, there are sometimes restrictions and rules to follow, especially if you are using a platform hosted by

You also need to consider their policies regarding advertising or blog monetization.

3. Stronger Personality and Identity

Having a personal blog allows you to build a stronger online identity and personality.

In your blog, you can showcase original works, personal thoughts, and unique views that reflect a more personalized you.

Blogs allow you to build closer relationships with your readers and followers, thus strengthening connections and more intimate interactions.

4. Easier Maintenance

While WordPress offers a lot of features and ease in creating and managing a website, maintenance can sometimes be tricky.

You need to update WordPress themes, plugins, and versions regularly to maintain the security and functionality of the site.

In a blog, on the other hand, maintenance is simpler and less complicated than in WordPress.

Of course, you will be able to focus more on the content and interaction with visitors without spending too much time and effort on technical maintenance.


While WordPress is a popular and powerful blogging platform, blogs have advantages that are unique and relevant today.

Flexibility in design, complete control over content, the ability to build a strong identity, and ease of maintenance are some of the advantages blogs have over WordPress.

For those who value personalization, creativity, and influence, blogs remain a strong option for sharing ideas and connecting with audiences on a deeper level.

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