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Jan. 30.

China Motor Corporation

China Motor Corporation (CMC; Chinese: 中華汽車工業; pinyin: Zhōnghuá Qìchē Gōngyè) is an automobile manufacturer based in Taipei, Taiwan.

It was founded in June 1969, and signed a technology sharing contract with Mitsubishi Motors the following year. On December 12, 1973 they opened their first manufacturing facility, in Yangmei. Initially vehicle production was at a rate of 300 vehicles per month u of a football uniforms, but thanks to rapid growth, and the development of an advanced painting facility, the factory produced its 100,000th vehicle in 1983.

Originally they only produced commercial vehicles, but have since expanded operations, producing more than 100,000 vehicles per year. Currently they operate three manufacturing plants, two in Yangmei and one in Hsinchu.

The company has been listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange since March 1991, and has repeatedly been recognized for its remarkable growth. In 1993 it was awarded the National Quality Award of Taiwan and were ranked first place in J.D. Power Asia-Pacific’s Sales Satisfaction Index in 2000 and 2001 waist bags for runners. They have also been awarded numerous accolades for exemplary working conditions in their manufacturing plants.

Since 1995, CMC has invested heavily in China’s South East Motor Corporation, and have poised themselves to take advantage of China’s economic growth.

In 2005, the company was given approval from the Chinese government, and signed an agreement with DaimlerChrysler to produce minivans for the mainland market.

13.97 percent of the company is owned by Mitsubishi

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, and all of their models are revamped Mitsubishi designs, adjusted to appeal for the Taiwanese market except for Freeca and Veryca, which are entirely CMC designs and not based on Mitsubishi models.

Since June 2007 online football kits, CMC is participated in the Fujian Daimler joint venture.

CMC Zinger

CMC Delica 2.0GL van

CMC Minicab truck in 1980s

CMC Varica 1200 van

CMC Veryca 1.3L truck (1st ver.)

CMC Veryca 1.3L truck (2nd ver.)

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Jan. 23.

Joe Awada

Joe Awada (born Yehia Awada on March 12, 1959 in Beirut, Lebanon) is a professional poker player, based in Las Vegas, Nevada define meat tenderizer.

Awada moved from Lebanon to the United States in his early teenage years, working as a juggler, eventually touring with the Harlem Globetrotters. After a car accident, he began working as a casino dealer and eventually became a regular on the poker tournament circuit.

At the 2004 World Series of Poker (WSOP), Awada finished second to Scott Fischman in the $1,500 no limit hold’em event. Awada would have won the gold bracelet in that tournament were it not for a bad beat on the river that kept Fischman alive—Fischman won the tournament on the very next hand. Later in the same WSOP, Awada won a gold bracelet in the $5,000 seven-card stud event how to use powdered meat tenderizer, defeating Marcel Lüske. Three months later, he made the final table of the World Poker Tour (WPT) third season event won by Doyle „Texas Dolly“ Brunson. Awada nearly went back to back, finishing fifth in the seven card stud championship the following year. The final table included John Phan, Chip Jett, Keith Sexton and eventual champion Jan Sørensen waist bags for runners.

Awada has also won an event on the Ultimate Poker Challenge and made the final table of a World Series of Poker circuit event goalkeeper glove websites.

As of 2008, his total live tournament winnings exceed $1,000,000. His 9 cashes as the WSOP account for $572,513 of those winnings.

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