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Jan. 11.

Polen rundt 2011

Polen rundt 2011 var den 68. utgaven av Polen rundt. Det ble arrangeret fra 31. juli til 6. august. Rittet startet i Pruszków og endte i Kraków.

I tillegg til de 18 ProTeam var CCC Polsat Polkowice, De Rosa-Ceramica Flaminia, det polske landslaget og Skil-Shimano invitert til å delta. Peter Sagan vant rittet sammenlagt og tok to etappeseire, mens Marcel Kittel vant fire av etappene.

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Aug. 22.

North Valley Parkway

The North Valley Parkway, also named the Gavilan Peak Parkway are two names for a single section of arterial parkway in Phoenix and Anthem, Arizona, generally running parallel to the Interstate 17 (I-17) from Jomax Road to north of New River Road for approximately 15 miles (24.14 km). In the last three years, the parkway has undergone changes from a series of non-contiguous partially unpaved segments of dead end drives into a major alternative route to the often congested I-17 in the North Valley. The parkway is expected to be fully completed by 2020.[citation needed] The parkway follows the alignments of 23rd, 27th, and 35th Avenues in the Maricopa County street grid.

The parkway varies from two to five lanes, both divided and undivided, and also includes bicycle lanes.

North Valley Parkway begins at Jomax Road in northern Phoenix as a continuation of 19th Avenue. A six-lane bridge over the Central Arizona Project Canal was completed in December 2011 t shirt maker football. Heading north as a six-lane divided boulevard, the road temporarily narrows to just two lanes as it approaches Dixileta Drive where it temporarily narrows to two lanes, but widens to four lanes to intersect Sonoran Desert Drive, a surface road that will eventually connect to the Bob Stump Memorial Parkway (Loop 303) pcb free water bottles. North of Dove Valley Road, traffic temporarily detours onto 27th Drive due to lack of funding of a bridge over Skunk Creek.[citation needed]. At the Carefree Highway (former SR 74), the parkway resumes its original route as a four lane undivided road providing access to Tramonto Marketplace, a local shopping center. Soon after, the road jogs west and closely parallels the Black Canyon Highway (I-17), providing a connection to the interstate highway via Pioneer Road and exit 225. At this intersection, the road changes names to the Gavilan Peak Parkway.

Named for the nearby mountain, the Gavilan Peak Parkway continues north in similar character until it becomes divided road once again while entering the unincorporated community of Anthem. The road jogs back east, providing access to many homes in the area, before intersecting Daisy Mountain Drive, which also connects back to I-17. In Anthem, the road serves traffic Boulder Creek High School and Anthem Marketplace apana glass water bottle. Soon after intersecting Anthem Way, the road narrows to two lanes and becomes Black Canyon Highway, a two-way frontage road flanking I-17. Now in New River, the road intersects New River Road and dead-ends just north of New River Elementary School. The road continues north as Old Stage Road, an unpaved road providing access to some homes and the New River Nature Reserve.

The entire route is in Maricopa County.

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Okt. 29.

Franjo Rački

Franjo Rački (25 November 1828 – 13 February 1894) was a Croatian historian, politician and writer. He compiled important collections of old Croatian diplomatic and historical documents, wrote some pioneering historical works, and was a key founder of the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Rački was born in Fužine, near Rijeka. He completed his secondary education in Senj and Varaždin. He graduated theology in Senj fabric ball remover, where he was ordained Catholic priest by the bishop Ožegović in 1852. Rački received his PhD in theology in Vienna in 1855.

His career as a historian began as soon as he started working as a teacher in Senj. An industrious man, full of patriotic fervor, Rački organized the research of Glagolitic documents on the islands of Kvarner. He often went to the village of Baška on Krk, the location of the famous Baška Tablet. After analyzing the tablet for a long time, he published Viek i djelovanje sv. Cirilla i Methoda slavjamkih apošlolov (The Age and Activities of Saints Cyril and Methodius wholesale athletic socks, the Apostles among the Slavs).

He was moved from Senj to Rome in 1857. There he worked in the Croatian Institute of St Jerome for three years, in difficult circumstances. He went around Roman archives in search of documents on Croatian history. He also attended courses in paleography and related historical sciences.

In Rome he found many documents on Bogomils t shirt maker football, collected by the Catholic Church during the medieval struggle against that heresy. Fifteen years later, Rački would publish Bogomili i Patareni, a milestone in the research on the Bosnian Church. In the book, Rački founded the „Bogomil hypothesis“ glass drinking water bottles, saying that the Bosnian Church was influenced by the dualist heretic teachings from Bulgaria, originating in the 9th century. As it was very controversial and intriguing, that theory dominated the research for most of the 19th and 20th centuries, but its general premises have been mostly refuted.

Although Rački is more important as a promoter of culture than as a historian, his original historical works are important for their pioneering nature and wealth of information. Aside from the mentioned Bogomili i patareni, he wrote Povjesnik Ivan Lučić (The Historian Joannes Lucius), Nutarnje stanje Hrvatske prije XII. stoljeća (The Internal Organization of Croatia Before the 12th Century), Stari grb bosanski (The Old Bosnian Coat of Arms), Povelje bosanskog kralja Tvrtka (Documents of the Bosnian king Tvrtko). The pinnacle of his scientific work is the monumental Documenta historiae Croaticae periodum antiaquam illustrantia.

He started Književnik, the first Croatian scientific magazine for history and linguistics, and Obzor and Vijenac, very influential magazines for culture and politics. He was a key founder of the Yugoslavian Academy of Sciences and Arts and greatly contributed to the expansion of the University of Zagreb. Rački founded most editions of the Academy, which are published even today: Rad, Starine, and the Codex diplomaticus Regni Croatiae, Dalmatiae et Slavoniae, an exceptional monument of legal history. He founded the Academy library, archive and dictionary. His activities determined the work of the Academy for several decades, especially in its cultural and social aspects.

In 1861, as the church representative from Senj, he became a member of the Croatian Parliament, convened after a pause of 12 years. Along with Ante Starčević, Rački was the only peasant’s child in the parliament.

Rački was a prolific political writer. He wrote about all the important Croatia-related topics and issues of his time. He promoted the merging of Dalmatia with Croatia ruled by the ban, he wrote discussions about the Croatian nature of Srijem and Rijeka, but he spent most energy on analyzing the relationships between Croatia and Hungary, fighting against the Hungarian expansionism. Along with the bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer, Rački was a partisan of the idea of Yugoslavia. They both promoted the cultural and political unity of the South Slavs.

He died in Zagreb.

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Okt. 14.


softinos ist eine Markenbezeichnung für Damenschuhe. Sie befindet sich seit 2007 im Besitz des portugiesischen Unternehmens KYAIA – Fortunato O. Frederico, Lda.

Der Marke softinos liegt das Konzept weicher Schuhe zugrunde. Die Marke beabsichtigt Bequemschuhe zu machen, die nicht langweilig sondern frech sind. Die Weichheit der Schuhe wird durch sorgfältige Verarbeitung von Nähten und Applikationen sowie durch Verwendung besonders weichen Leders erzeugt. Weiteres Alleinstellungsmerkmal der Marke ist eine besondere Farbauswahl.

Derzeit sind die Schuhe in folgenden Staaten erhältlich: Australien, Österreich, Luxemburg hydration packs for runners, Belgien, Bulgarien, Kanada, Kroatien, Zypern, Dänemark, England, Deutschland, Griechenland waistband for phone, Niederlande, Irland, Japan, Neuseeland, Norwegen, Polen, Portugal, Serbien t shirt maker football, Spanien, Schweden, Schweiz, Taiwan und USA. In Deutschland werden softinos-Schuhe größtenteils über das Internet, Filialisten sowie über 100 kleine und mittelständische Schuhfachhändler verkauft.

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Okt. 06.

Jürgen Wertheimer

Jürgen Edmund Wertheimer (* 18. Januar 1947 in München) ist deutscher Hochschullehrer für Neuere Deutsche Literaturwissenschaft und Komparatistik an der Universität Tübingen und Autor.

Wertheimer studierte von 1969 bis 1973 Germanistik, Komparatistik best lime squeezer, Anglistik und Kunstgeschichte in München, Siena und Rom. In den Jahren 1984/85 habilitierte er. Danach war er von 1986 bis 1987 Professeur associé für „Littérature allemande“ in Metz. Von 1991 bis 2015 hatte Wertheimer eine Professur für Neuere Deutsche Literaturwissenschaft und Komparatistik in Tübingen inne.

Wertheimer ist seit 1992 Mitherausgeber der komparatistischen Zeitschrift „arcadia“. In den Jahren 1994/95 war er Gastprofessor an der Université Paris 8. Von 1996 bis 2004 war er Organisator der Tübinger Poetik-Dozentur.

Seit dem Sommersemester 2008 ist Jürgen Wertheimer außerdem Mit-Initiator des Kooperationsprojekts WerteWelten. 2013 wurde er hierfür mit dem « Prix international de la Laïcité » ausgezeichnet, der vom Comité Laïcité République (Paris) verliehen wird.

„Ein-Deutigkeit“ sei artifiziell und werde im Konfliktfall konstruiert und inszeniert, um Vielfalt zu negieren, zu tarnen t shirt maker football, zu verstecken oder beiseitezuschieben, so Wertheimer in einem Beitrag von 2002. Im Normalfall, den es zu verteidigen und zu emanzipieren gelte, seien unspektakuläre Sätze wie jene möglich, die der Bekleidungskonzern Benetton den Jugendlichen Yussef sagen lässt, in einem Kollektionskatalog vor dem Hintergrund des israelisch-palästinensischen Konfliktfeldes: Er sei froh, ein Mischling zu sein. Wertheimer argumentiert, Benetton wolle keine Heile Welt- oder Multikulti-Idylle verkaufen, sondern es gehe darum, en passant „ein Gefühl für die innere Vielfältigkeit und Komplexität normaler Lebensläufe in Konfliktfeldern herzustellen.“

In seiner Preisrede zum « Prix international de la Laïcité » (2013) plädiert Wertheimer dafür, Literatur als eine Macht anzusehen, die vermutlich unterschätzt werde, die aber das effizienteste Mittel gegen Fundamentalismus sei, also das beste Mittel für den Erhalt des Prinzips des Laizismus. Allein die Literatur befasse sich mit den Wurzeln von Systemen der Macht. Literatur wolle eine große Anzahl von Menschen metal water container, die kritisch Widerstand leisten und die schwer zu manipulieren sind. Das erreiche Literatur damit, dass sie im Erzählten Komplexitäten, Mehrdeutigkeiten und Ambivalenzen der Gegenwart zutage treten lässt und keine Antworten serviert. Vor allem Literatur könne uns eine neue Anschauung der komplexen Abgründe unserer eigenen Gefühle ermöglichen, und nicht zuletzt damit lade Literatur dazu ein, sich selbst auf die Suche zu begeben und sich eine eigene Meinung zu bilden. Augenscheinlich könne Literatur eine Menge und sie vermag genau das zu tun, so Wertheimer, was Manipulatoren am meisten fürchten, und zu Recht: dass gerade kein Zwang auferlegt wird und das Leben von Menschen nicht mit Schulmeisterei überzogen wird. Literatur sei ein Mittel, aufzuklären und Katastrophen zu antizipieren, ebenso ein Mittel, mit dem sich ein Individuum gegen den Strudel gefährlicher Strömungen der Systeme schützen kann, indem es sich nicht allein einer Seite verpflichtet fühlt, sondern einen wirklichen Sinn für das Reelle kultivieren kann.

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