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Dez. 27.


KimiKiss (キミキス KimiKisu? toothpaste dispenser as seen on tv, lit. „Your Kiss“) is a dating simulation game for the PlayStation 2. Released by Enterbrain in 2006, KimiKiss has become a media franchise, including manga, light novel, and has been made into an anime as of 2007-2008.

Kouichi Aihara’s (in the anime this character was split into two characters: Sanada Kouichi and Kazuki Aihara) childhood friend Mao Mizusawa has returned after living in France for two years. Kouichi is surprised to learn that, since her parents are remaining overseas for the time being camo football uniforms, his mother has agreed to let Mao stay with them. They help each other deal with the ups and downs of high school romance steak tenderizing methods.

Several manga adaptations have been made.

A series of light novels have been published by Famitsu Bunko.

The anime, titled KimiKiss: Pure Rouge, began airing in Japan on October 6, 2007. The series is produced by J.C.Staff and directed by Ken’ichi Kasai. The series focused more on the girls and their daily lives with a more romantic genre. North American anime distributor Section23 Films released KimiKiss: Pure Rouge on DVD, October 5, 2010.

Kouichi Sanada wakes from a dream where his younger self was crying. When he goes to answer the door, he finds a beautiful woman standing in front of him. She quickly enters while reacquainting herself with things in the house, and even enters the shower. A confused Kouichi tries to remember if he knew a girl like this in the past, while trying to remember his friend Kazuki Aihara comes in. A misunderstanding is caused when the girl comes out of the bathroom, but she suddenly realizes who Kazuki is. Kazuki also realizes who the girl is: his childhood friend Mao Mizusawa. Finally realizing this, Kouichi welcomes Mao back. When Kouichi’s mother begins talking to Mao about her living in France, Kouichi notices how much Mao has changed. The story then continues with them going to the same school. Many relationships are formed with different people during their school years but always thought to be a mistake as Mao realizes her true feelings toward Kouichi while Sakino and Futami develops feelings for Kazuki.

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Okt. 07.

Leopardo (gioco)

Leopardo è un gioco di carte basato fondamentalmente sulla briscola camo football uniforms, ma più in particolare su una delle varianti della briscola, la briscola chiamata, con alcune differenze.

Per giocare a Leopardo occorre innanzitutto quattro amici perché si gioca in cinque, dopo di che un mazzo di carte da briscola e infine un dado a venti facce.

Inizialmente si distribuisce una carta a ciascun giocatore fino a che non finiscono.

Una volta distribuite le carte ogni giocatore effettua un lancio del dado. Colui che ottiene il numero maggiore chiama, in base alle sue carte, due briscole, ovviamente dello stesso segno, e i giocatori o il giocatore how do you tenderize steak, nel caso le possieda entrambe shaver, chiamati/o saranno insieme al giocatore chiamante cercando di non farlo capire agli avversari.

Da questo momento si inizia a giocare normalmente a briscola. Il giro sarà in senso antiorario e inizia a giocare il giocatore alla destra del giocatore chiamante per poi concludere il primo turno con quest’ultimo.

Lo scopo del gioco è che il giocatore chiamante insieme ai o al giocatore/i chiamato/i devono riuscire a fare tanti punti quanto era la cifra del dado sommato a 100 large water thermos.

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