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Feb. 06.

Farnborough Hill

Farnborough Hill is an independent Catholic day school for 550 girls aged 11–18 located on the Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire border.

Thomas Longman, the publisher, began building the house at Farnborough Hill in 1860.

Farnborough Hill’s most famous resident, however, was the exiled Empress Eugénie, widow of Emperor Napoleon III of France. Empress Eugénie lived here from 1880 until her death in 1920.

The history of the school itself began in 1889 when the Religious of Christian Education established a convent school in Farnborough. They purchased the house at Farnborough Hill in 1927 and commissioned Adrian Gilbert Scott to design additional school buildings which included the school chapel. Over the years there has been further expansion, all of it in keeping with this Grade One listed building. In 1994, the Religious of Christian Education transferred ownership to The Farnborough Hill Trust and the school is now under lay management.

The school has a mixture of historic and modern buildings. The house, built in Victorian times is used for offices and teaching rooms. The school chapel was built in 1932, a classroom block was opened in 1953 and further extensions to teaching facilities were added in the 1960s including a gymnasium and science laboratories. The school has continued to expand and develop its facilities. The Alexander Sports Hall was opened in 2005 and the swimming pool refurbished, new art studios and refurbished laboratories were opened in 2009 and the gymnasium was converted to a theatre buy england football shirt, ‚Theatre on the Hill‘. The St Joseph’s Courtyard development, incorporating a large multi-purpose building that includes a dance studio, a new geography classroom, a Sixth Form science laboratory and a new science office, was completed in 2011. A new music suite, St Cecilia’s, was opened in 2014.

Farnborough Hill is set in 65 acres of parkland and uses much of this for sports including tennis, hockey, netball, football, rounders, athletics and cross-country football tshirt designs ideas. In 2015 the Alex Danson Pitch, an all-weather, flood-lit hockey pitch was opened.

Farnborough Hill’s use of information technology has also developed during this time with the adoption of electronic whiteboards in every classroom, music technology facilities and Farnborough Hill’s own radio station belt pack, ‚F’Hill Radio‘.

Farnborough Hill is a very busy school and aims to ‚educate the whole person‘. A wide range of extracurricular activities are on offer from Sport, Music and Drama to Sixth Form Expeditions and trips abroad.

Farnborough Hill has an active old girls‘ association. A reunion is held every year in September and other events are arranged during the year. Members keep in touch via an annual newsletter and active Facebook group. FHOGA sponsors a sixth form scholarship each year and helps current students by providing networking opportunities.

Mostyn, D. (1999) The Story of a House: A History of Farnborough Hill, Farnborough, St Michael’s Abbey Press, ISBN 0907077560 Craven, L. and Evans-Jones, L. (2014) From Hillside to Farnborough Hill: 125 Years of the RCE in Farnborough, London, Third Millennium Publishing Limited steak tenderiser marinade, ISBN 9781908990297

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Okt. 12.

Edward Mleczko

Edward Mleczko (ur. 15 listopada 1948 w Radłowie) – polski naukowiec what does meat tenderizer do, profesor nauk o kulturze fizycznej, w młodości lekkoatleta.

Specjalizował się w biegach długich buy england football shirt. Wystąpił na mistrzostwach Europy w 1971 w Helsinkach, gdzie zajął 22

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. miejsce w biegu na 10 000 m. W finale Pucharu Europy w 1970 w Sztokholmie zajął na tym dystansie 7. miejsce green and football socks, a w finale Pucharu Europy w 1975 w Nicei – 4. miejsce.

Był trzykrotnym mistrzem Polski na 10 000 m w 1970, 1971 i 1975, wicemistrzem na 10 000 m w 1972 i w biegu przełajowym w 1970 i 1974, a także brązowym medalistą w biegu przełajowym w 1969, w 5000 m w 1973 i na 10 000 m w 1974. Jego wynik 28:27,2 z 1975 jest do tej pory rekordem mistrzostw Polski na 10 000 m.

W latach 1970-1975 dwanaście razy startował w meczach reprezentacji Polski, odnosząc 1 zwycięstwo indywidualne. Był zawodnikiem Cracovii.


Ukończył w 1971 studia w Instytucie Filologii Polskiej Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego oraz w 1980 na Wydziale Wychowania Fizycznego krakowskiej Akademii Wychowania Fizycznego. Od 1980 pracownik naukowy tej uczelni. Doktorat obronił w 1985, a habilitację uzyskał w 1992 na podstawie rozprawy Przebieg i uwarunkowania rozwoju funkcjonalnego dzieci krakowskich między 7 a 14 rokiem życia. W 2002 uzyskał tytuł naukowy profesora nauk o kulturze fizycznej. Od 1994 kieruje Katedrą Teorii i Metodyki Lekkiej Atletyki AWF w Krakowie, a od 2008 pełni funkcję prorektora do spraw nauki tej uczelni. Związany jest również z Wszechnicą Świętokrzyską w Kielcach.

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Okt. 06.

Magnolia biondii

Magnolia biondii (Biond’s Magnolia) is a deciduous tree that flowers in late winter to early spring before leaf growth. Its early flowering nature gives it the name of the Hope for Spring Flower. It is a member of the magnoliaceae family, which consists of more than 210 species. Furthermore, it is widely found in northern China. It produces small white flowers every few years. Leave buds and petals of the plant are used to alleviate nasal obstruction and coughing in some parts of China.

Magnolia biondii is widely distributed in China. It is commonly found in Gansu, Henan, Hubei, Shaanxi, Sichuan provinces. It is usually found in forests in the mountains. The plant was discovered and introduced to the Western hemisphere more than 70 years ago.

Magnolia biondii is a deciduous tree that grows mainly in temperate forests in the mountains.It has a broadly conical to spreading habit.

Magnolia biondii can grow up to 40 feet, or 12 meter. Its bark has a pale gray and smooth appearance meat tenderizer seasoning recipe. It produces simple leaf type with ovate shape. In general, leaf size varies and can be up to eight inches, or 20 centimeters, long and four inches, or ten centimeters, across

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. In addition, they are taper-pointed at the tip and wedge-shaped at the base with a short petiole of up to ¾ inches, or 2 centimeters. Furthermore, leaves are arranged in an alternative pattern. Leaves have pinnate venation. Moreover, stamens and carpels are spirally arranged.

Flowers of Magnolia biondii are small and white and have strong fragrance associated to them. They can grow up to 3 ¼ inches, or eight centimeters across. Flowers parts are in sets of threes. In general, flowers have six petals and three sepals. More specifically, the petals are pink at the base and white at the top. Furthermore, flowers have cone-shaped receptacle that bears spirally arranged carpels from which styles emerge. Stamens are cream-white in color. In addition, flowers take several years to appear. Because of the small size and long growth period, Magnolia biondii is seldom used for ornamental purposes. Magnolia biondii produce aggregate fruits that consist of numerous separate carpels of one gynoecium. The fruits form in cylindrical cluster and protrude on a stalk. Each cluster can grow up to 5 ½ inches, or 14 centimeters long. Individual fruitlets are red at first, then turn brown upon maturity.

Dried flower buds and petals of Magnolia biondii are considered food in some parts of China. Fresh flower buds can be prepared by mixing with vinegar and ginger. Petals can be fried with flour batter coating.

The dried flower buds of Magnolia biondii are used medicinally in China and Japan. They are used to relieve coughing and nasal obstruction. Pharmacologically, five lignans including pinoresinol dimethyl ether, magnolin, epi-magnolin A, fargesin waterproof case for 4s, and demethoxyaschantin have been attributed to the medicinal effect of Magnolia biondii.

Magnolia biondii is closely related to the Japanese Willow-Leaf Magnolia buy england football shirt, Magnolia salicifolia, which has aromatic foliage and shoots. Resemblance is also observed in Magnolia dendata. Magnolia biondii is generally distinguished by its smaller size, narrower leaves, and smaller flowers.

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