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Aug. 11.


Cerobothrium Frey, 1958, è un genere di insetti della famiglia degli Ephydridae (Diptera: Schizophora) soccer training socks. Si tratta di un genere poco studiato, di cui si hanno poche informazioni derivate in gran parte dalla revisione di alcune specie che in passato erano classificate in altri gruppi di efidridi.

Il genere comprende quattro specie:

Cerobothrium fu istituito da Frey (1958) per includervi la sola specie C. ptahi. Per oltre un ventennio, il genere è rimasto monotipico, ma a partire dagli anni novanta] sono state aggiunte altre tre specie, portando a quattro il numero complessivo:

C. lituscolum era in origine classificato nel genere Pelignellus, che comprendeva Pelignellus subnudus (specie tipo) e Pelignellus lituscolus. Mathis & Zatwarnicki (1990) riclassificarono la specie tipo spostandola nel genere Atissa e ridussero Pelignellus a sinonimo minore. La specie Pelignellus lituscolus rimase senza collocazione sistematica fino all’anno successivo: Zatwarnicki la spostò in Cerobothrium attribuendole il nome C. lituscolum. Il BioSystematic Database of World Diptera non registra questa classificazione, in quanto riporta ancora come validi il genere Pelignellus e le specie in esso classificate in passato.

C. insulatum è descritta come nuova specie da Mathis & Zatwarnicki (2003) nell’ambito di un catalogo degli efidridi delle Seychelles.

C. ligabuei, infine, era in origine classificata nel genere Asmeringa, ma Mathis & Zatwarnicki (2003) l’hanno spostata in Cerobothrium. Questa revisione tassonomica non è registrata nel BDWD, che riporta ancora come nome valido Asmeringa ligabuei.

In merito alla collocazione tassonomica di Cerobothrium, i riferimenti bibliografici a questo genere sono alquanto rari, tuttavia la posizione nella tribù Atissini è riportata da Zatwarnicki (1991) in occasione della ridenominazione di Pelignellus lituscolus

Il genere ha un’ampia distribuzione geografica, che si estende dall’Africa all’Asia in tre distinte regioni zoogeografiche, tuttavia le quattro specie avrebbero areali piuttosto ristretti, almeno in base alle segnalazioni as seen on tv toothpaste dispenser, limitati a regioni insulari dei due continenti. P. ptahi è una specie afrotropicale, segnalata nelle isole del Capo Verde, C. lituscolum è invece paleartica, presente nell’isola di Hokkaido (Giappone). C. insulatum e C. ligabuei si caratterizzano, come molti efidridi, per la disgiunzione in differenti regioni dell’Oceano Indiano: la prima è segnalata nelle Seychelles (ecozona afrotropicale), la seconda nelle Maldive (ecozona orientale) reading football shirt.

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Jan. 10.

Žan Tabak

As a player:

As assistant coach:

As head coach:

Žan Tabak (born June 15, 1970) is a Croatian former professional basketball player and the current head coach of Real Betis Energía Plus. His basketball career, spanning twenty years, was marked by several notable achievements, despite injuries. He was the first international player to play in the NBA Finals for two different teams. Zan Tabak averaged 5.0 points in his 6-year NBA career.

Born in Split, SR Croatia, SFR Yugoslavia, Tabak’s father-in-law Ratomir Tvrdić was a top European basketball player, his wife played first-division basketball for Croatia, and his younger brother played professionally in Croatia.

Tabak began his basketball career in 1985, at the age of fifteen, making his debut with the Jugoplastika Split organization. Only a few years later, he and Split teammates Dino Rađa and Toni Kukoč led the club to three consecutive European Championships (1989–91), a feat only equaled in Euroleague’s storied history by its first champions, ASK Riga, some thirty years before.

Rađa and Kukoč were 2nd-round selections in the 1989 and 1990 National Basketball Association (NBA) Drafts, respectively. The Houston Rockets followed suit, drafting Tabak with the 24th pick in the draft’s second round (51st overall) in the 1991 NBA Draft. He did not immediately play for Houston, however, opting instead to spend another year in Croatia with SD Split.

On June 25, 1991, Croatia usa soccer guy t shirts, along with Slovenia, decided to end relationships with the other republics of the Yugoslavia. The newly independent state, then, was able to send its own athletes to the 1992 Summer Olympic Games; this delegation also included a national basketball team.

Along with previous Split teammates and Dražen Petrović, Tabak and the Croatian team performed well and won the silver medal; they were bested only by the star-studded United States Dream Team.

After Barcelona, Tabak continued with his career, spending two years in the Italian Serie A league. In his years there, Tabak shot the ball extremely well, with a field goal percentage of over 60%. He also averaged a double-double in points and rebounds in both the 1992–93 season for Baker Livorno and in the 1993–94 season for Recoaro Milano.

Over three years after he was drafted by them, Tabak was signed by the Rockets on July 20, 1994. With nine years of experience, he played his first NBA minutes on November 5, 1994. As a „rookie“, he saw limited playing time, averaging less than five minutes per game in thirty-seven appearances. He spent the season as a backup to Hakeem Olajuwon, who led Houston to the franchise’s second NBA title that year.

In the subsequent year’s expansion draft (1995), Tabak was selected by the Toronto Raptors. He started several games and saw increased playing time, but a strained left groin kept him from competing during the close of the 1995–96 season. Tabak did not fare well in the following season, either; plantar fasciitis in his left foot restricted his appearances to thirteen games.

After another average start and a transverse fracture to a metacarpal bone in his right hand, Tabak was traded in a seven-player deal to the Boston Celtics in the February 1998.

Tabak played in Turkey for Fenerbahçe during the next year. He then returned to the NBA and signed with the Indiana Pacers. As back-up to Rik Smits, Tabak contributed to the Pacers‘ appearance in the 2000 NBA Finals, which was ultimately won by the Los Angeles Lakers.

The 2000-01 season was to be Tabak’s last in the NBA, despite improved numbers and increased playing time. When asked about his decision to return to European basketball Tabak said „. as seen on tv toothpaste dispenser..I wanted to come back [to Europe] because I felt I was 31 years old and I was feeling my career was coming to the end. I didn’t want to finish my career being just one of the players. I wanted to be an important player in my team.“

Tabak spent the remaining four years of his playing career in Spain with Real Madrid, DKV Joventut, and Unicaja Málaga. He still modeled a high caliber of play during his later career. Even as he won with Split and the Rockets in his earlier days, he ended twenty years of professional basketball also as a winner: along with Jorge Garbajosa, Tabak helped Málaga to win the 2005 King’s Cup, the Spanish national cup trophy.

In 2006, he worked for the New York Knicks as an international scout.

In 2011, he debuted as head coach with Sant Josep Girona of the LEB Oro league. In 2012 he moved to Poland where he became the head coach of the 2011-12 Polish league runner-up Trefl Sopot rug shaver. In November 2012, he became head coach of Saski Baskonia.

With the Spanish squad, he achieved a 17-game winning streak for games played in both the Euroleague and the Liga ACB. After being eliminated in the 2012–13 season quarterfinals, Baskonia announced that Tabak would not continue as head coach.

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Okt. 30.

Mikałaj Harbaczonak

Mikałaj Nikandrawicz Harbaczonak (biał. Мікалай Нікандравіч Гарбачонак, ros. Николай Никандрович Горбачёнок, Nikołaj Nikandrowicz Gorbaczonok; ur. 12 grudnia 1971 w Bałbiekach w rejonie szarkowszczyńskim) – białoruski matematyk; w latach 2008–2012 deputowany do Izby Reprezentantów Zgromadzenia Narodowego Republiki Białorusi IV kadencji.

Urodził się 12 grudnia 1971 roku we wsi Bałbieki w rejonie szarkowszczyńskim obwodu witebskiego Białoruskiej SRR, ZSRR. Ukończył Grodzieński Uniwersytet Państwowy im. Janki Kupały, uzyskując wykształcenie matematyka um football uniforms, nauczyciela matematyki discount goalie gloves, informatyki i techniki obliczeniowej. Jest słuchaczem Instytutu Służby Państwowej Akademia Zarządzania przy Prezydencie Republiki Białorusi. Pracował jako nauczyciel matematyki w Obuchowskiej Szkole Średniej w rejonie grodzieńskim, pierwszy sekretarz Grodzieńskiego Komitetu Rejonowego Białoruskiego Patriotycznego Związku Młodzieży, pierwszy sekretarz Grodzieńskiego Komitetu Rejonowego Stowarzyszenia Społecznego „Białoruski Republikański Związek Młodzieży”.

27 października 2008 roku został deputowanym do Izby Reprezentantów Białorusi IV kadencji z Grodzieńskiego Wiejskiego Okręgu Wyborczego Nr 52. Pełnił w niej funkcję członka Stałej Komisji ds. Polityki Pieniężno-Kredytowej i Działalności Bankowej. Od 13 listopada 2008 roku był członkiem Narodowej Grupy Republiki Białorusi w Unii Międzyparlamentarnej as seen on tv toothpaste dispenser. Jego kadencja w Izbie Reprezentantów zakończyła się 18 października 2012 roku workout fanny pack.

Mikałaj Harbaczonak jest żonaty, ma syna.

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