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Aug. 30.

Wouldn’t Change a Thing

«Wouldn’t Change a Thing» er en sang av den australske sangeren Kylie Minogue. Sangen er den andre singelen fra hennes andre album Enjoy Yourself. Singelen ble utgitt den 24

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United States Away BECKERMAN 15 Jerseys



. juli 1989 og var skrevet av Stock Aitken Waterman belt bag running.

I Storbritannia var B-siden «It’s No Secret» som ble utgitt som en single i Nord-Amerika, Japan, Australia og New Zealand i 1988. Sangen var ment å bli utgitt som den femte singelen fra debutalbumet Kylie men ble avlyst til fordel for «Hand on Your Heart» og ble utgitt som B-siden av «Wouldn’t Change a Thing».

Videoen viser Kylie som lekent koser seg i en hage i London, ispedd studioklipp av henne i både uformelle og formelle klær. Hun har på jeans og en svart skjorte knyttet på midten og en kveldskjole, og et skjørt laget av perler.

«The Loco-Motion» · «I Should Be So Lucky» · «Got to Be Certain» · «Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi» · «It’s No Secret» · «Turn It into Love»

«Hand on Your Heart» · «Wouldn’t Change a Thing» · «Never Too Late» · «Tears on My Pillow»

«Better the Devil You Know» · «Step Back in Time» · «What Do I Have to Do?» · «Shocked»

«Word Is Out» · «If You Were with Me Now» · «Give Me Just a Little More Time» · «Finer Feelings»

«What Kind of Fool (Heard All That Before)» · «Celebration»

«Confide in Me» · «Put Yourself in My Place» · «Where Is the Feeling?»

«Some Kind of Bliss» · «Did It Again» · «Breathe» · «Cowboy Style»

«Spinning Around» · «On a Night Like This» · «Please Stay» · «Your Disco Needs You»

«Can’t Get You Out of My Head» · «In Your Eyes» · «Love at First Sight» · «Come into My World»

«Slow» · «Red Blooded Woman» · «Chocolate»

«I Believe in You» · «Giving You Up»

«2 Hearts» · «Wow» · «In My Arms» · «All I See» · «The One»

«All the Lovers» · «Get Outta My Way» · «Better than Today» · «Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)»

«Flower» · «On a Night Like This»

«Into the Blue» · «I Was Gonna Cancel»

«Butterfly» · «Secret (Take You Home)» · «Aphrodite» · «Timebomb» · «Skirt» · «Sexercize»

«Especially for You» · «Where the Wild Roses Grow» · «GBI: German Bold Italic» · «Kids» · «Sometime Samurai» · «Higher»

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Okt. 06.

HMS Splendid (P228)

(siehe Seraph-Klasse)

Die HMS Splendid (P228) war ein U-Boot der britischen Royal Navy im Zweiten Weltkrieg.

Die Splendid (engl.: großartig) war ein Boot des dritten Bauloses der erfolgreichen S-Klasse. Dieses Baulos wird auch als Seraph-Klasse bezeichnet. Sie wurde am 7. März 1941 auf der Marinewerft Chatham im südostenglischen Chatham auf Kiel gelegt, lief am 19. Januar 1942 vom Stapel und wurde von der Royal Navy am 8. August 1942 in Dienst gestellt.

Das Einsatzgebiet des Kriegsneubaus lag im Mittelmeer. Die Kampfaufträge richteten sich hauptsächlich gegen den Nachschub der Achse im Krieg in Nordafrika. Der Kommandant des U-Bootes war Lt. Ian Lachlan Mackay McGeogh.

Am 16. November 1942 versenkte die Splendid 15 Seemeilen nordwestlich von Gorgona bei den italienischen Hilfs-U-Jäger V.277/San Paolo (209 BRT). Fünf Tage später konnte am 21. November der italienische Zerstörer Velite 18 Seemeilen südwestlich von Ischia bei mit Torpedos beschädigt werden. Am 23. November versenkte die Splendid mit dem Deckgeschütz südöstlich von Sardinien bei das italienische Frachtschiff Favorita (3576 BRT).

Am 17. Dezember 1942 griff die Splendid 35 Seemeilen nordöstlich vom tunesischen Bizerta bei den deutschen Transporter Ankara (4768 BRT) mit Torpedos an. Bei dem Angriff wurde der eskortierende italienische Zerstörer Aviere versenkt. Obwohl am selben Tag das Schwesterboot HMS Saracen die Ankara ebenfalls mit Torpedos angriff, entkam das deutsche Transportschiff vorerst unbeschadet. Es lief im Januar 1943 auf eine von HMS Rorqual gelegte Seemine und sank.

Am 15. Januar 1943 torpedierte und versenkte die Splendid 15 Seemeilen südwestlich der Insel Capri bei den italienischen Transporter Emma (7931 BRT). Am 19. Januar wurden östlich von Sardinien bei der italienische Transporter Commercio (766 BRT) und der italienische Hilfsminensucher R.107/Cleopatra (72 BRT) versenkt.

Am 17. Februar 1943 gelangen dem U-Boot zwei Kampferfolge. Drei Seemeilen nördlich von San Vito lo Capo (Sizilien) bei wurde das italienische Frachtschiff XXI Aprile (4787 BRT) versenkt. Bei demselben Angriff ging der deutsche Transporter Sienna (2147 BRT) ebenfalls verloren.

Am 21. März 1943 folgte der italienische Tanker Giorgio (4887 BRT), der acht Seemeilen ostnordöstlich von Cefalù (Sizilien) bei versenkt wurde.

Kommandant McGeogh erhielt am 6. April 1943 den Distinguished Service Order.

Die HMS Splendid wurde am 21. April 1943 südlich von Capri bei von dem deutschen Zerstörer ZG 3 „Hermes“ unter Fregattenkapitän Curt Rechel mit Wasserbomben angegriffen und versenkt. 30 britische Seeleute konnten von dem deutschen Zerstörer gerettet werden, 18 fanden den Tod. Während des Bombardements versuchte das U-Boot noch einen Gegenangriff. Der Torpedo verfehlte aber den Zerstörer.

Baugruppe 1 (Swordfish-Klasse)
Seahorse | Starfish | Sturgeon | Swordfish

Baugruppe 2 (Shark-Klasse)
Salmon | Sealion&nbsp lifefactory glass bottles;| Seawolf | Shark | Snapper | Spearfish | Sterlet | Sunfish

Baugruppe 3 (Seraph-Klasse)
P222 | Safari | Sahib | Saracen | Satyr | Sceptre | Scotsman | Scythian&nbsp

United States Away BECKERMAN 15 Jerseys

United States Away BECKERMAN 15 Jerseys



;| Sea Devil | Sea Dog | Sea Nymph | Sea Rover | Seraph | Shakespeare | Shalimar | Sibyl | Sickle | Simoom | Sirdar | Spark | Spirit | Spiteful | Splendid | Sportsman | Statesman | Stoic | Stonehenge | Storm | Stratagem | Strongbow | Stubborn | Surf | Syrtis

Baugruppe 4 (Subtle-Klasse)
Saga | Sanguine | Scorcher&nbsp

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;| Sea Scout | Selene | Seneschal | Sentinel | Sidon | Sleuth | Solent | Spearhead | Springer | Spur | Sturdy | Stygian | Subtle | Supreme

Siehe auch: Liste britischer U-Boot-Klassen

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Sep. 28.

Robert Riddles

Robert Arthur „Robin“ Riddles, CBE, MIMechE, MinstLE (23 May 1892 – 18 June 1983) was a British locomotive engineer.

Riddles was born in 1892 and entered the Crewe Works of the London and North Western Railway as a premium apprentice in 1909, completing his apprenticeship in 1913. While attending the Mechanics Institute classes he took a course in electrical engineering

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United States Away BECKERMAN 15 Jerseys



, feeling there would be a future for electric traction. During the 1914–18 Great War he served with the Royal Engineers mainly in France, during which time he was badly wounded.

He returned to the LNWR at Crewe, and in 1920 became the „bricks and mortar assistant“ with responsibility for the new erecting shop. When work on this was stopped, Riddles was placed in charge of a small production progress department and was sent to Horwich to study the methods used by the L&Y. From this Riddles gained some backing, and had significant influence in the re-organisation of Crewe which took place between 1925 and 1927. In 1923 the LNWR became part of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway thus on completion of the work at Crewe, Riddles was sent to the ex-Midland Railway works at Derby Runner Waist, now part of the LMS

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, to initiate a similar arrangement. In this task he had the active support of the then Derby works manager, H. G. Ivatt.

During the General Strike in 1926 Riddles volunteered as a driver, taking trains from Crewe to Manchester and Carlisle. The experience gained made him almost unique among CMEs; Riddles maintained that the practical knowledge of driving a locomotive that he gained was an invaluable aid to his design work.

In 1933 Riddles moved to Euston to become Locomotive Assistant to the new Chief Mechanical Engineer, Sir William Stanier, and in 1935 became Stanier’s Principal Assistant. In 1937 Riddles moved to Glasgow as Mechanical & Electrical Engineer – Scotland, the first to combine both engineering disciplines in a single title. However Riddles was disappointed that C. E. Fairburn was at this time appointed as Stanier’s Deputy.

In 1939 with the Second World War having just started, he moved to the Ministry of Supply, becoming Director of Transportation Equipment, and later designed the WD Austerity 2-8-0 and WD Austerity 2-10-0 locomotives.

In 1943 he moved to the post of Chief Stores Superintendent at the LMS – it has been said that he was anxious to get back into the railway business. On the death of Charles Fairburn in 1944 he applied for the position of Chief Mechanical Engineer, but the job went to George Ivatt, with Riddles being promoted to Vice-President of the LMS.

Upon the creation of the Railway Executive in 1947 in preparation for the nationalisation of the railways in 1948, he was appointed Member of the Railway Executive for Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. He had two principal assistants, both of whom were also former LMS men: Roland C. Bond, Chief Officer (Locomotive Construction and Maintenance), and E. S. Cox

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, Executive Officer (Design). The duties of these three effectively covered the old post of Chief Mechanical Engineer; they subsequently oversaw the design of the British Railways (BR) standard classes.

Riddles retired in 1953 on the abolition of the Railway Executive, and became a director of Stothert & Pitt of Bath, cranemakers.

Riddles was succeeded as Chief Mechanical Engineer of BR by J.F. Harrison.

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