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Noormarkku (Swedish: Norrmark) is a former municipality of Finland.

It is located in the province of Western Finland and was part of the Satakunta region. The municipality had a population of 6 football team socks,158 (31 December 2009) and covered an area of 332.06 square kilometres (128 how to tender meat.21 sq mi) of which 15.2 km2 (5.9 sq mi) is water. The population density was 19.43 inhabitants per square kilometre (50.3/sq mi).

Noormarkku is the birthplace of the Ahlstrom Corporation. Antti Ahlström invested in the entire development of Noormarkku, setting up one of Finland’s first Finnish language schools and building a road network.

The municipality was unilingually Finnish.

Noormarkku was annexed with the neighboring city of Pori on 1 January 2010.

A notable building is the Villa Mairea by architect Alvar Aalto designed as the private home for Maire and Harry Gullichsen.

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