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Muhajir diaspora

Muhajir diaspora consist of expatriates and residents with Muhajir background from Pakistan living around the world. A portion of the peoples that made up Mohajirs are of Immigrants of Subcontinent known as Urdu Speaking.

Muhajir (Urdu: مهاجر‎‎) is an Arabic term used in Pakistan to describe the mostly Urdu speaking Muslim refugees who fled from other parts of the South Asia and their descendants, who settled in Pakistan after the independence of Pakistan from British rule in 1947. Mohajirs are a mix of several ancestry from South Asia and Central Asia. In Pakistan, despite different origins, these groups have been formed together in the Sindh region and use Khariboli a their mother tongue, though some may have mixed with other Cultures.

Many Muhajirs have emigrated from Pakistan and have settled permanently in Europe, North America and Australasia. There are also significant number of Muhajirs who are working in the Middle East, especially in the Persian Gulf countries:

Regions with significant populations of Urdu Speaking

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