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Police watercraft

Police watercraft are boats or other vessels that are used by police agencies to patrol bodies of water. They are usually employed on major rivers, in enclosed harbors near cities or in places where a stronger presence than that offered by the Harbourmaster or Coast Guard is needed.

Police boats sometimes have high-performance engines in order to catch up with fleeing fugitives on the water. They have been used since the beginning of the 20th century.

Police patrol boats in Helsinki, Finland.

Police- and fireboat of the Wasserschutzpolizei and Feuerwehr of Bremen, Germany.

New South Wales Police Force vessel OPV Nemesis, the largest purpose-built police boat in the Southern Hemisphere.

Anti terrorism Police boat in Venice

New South Wales Police Force boat patrolling Port Jackson prior to APEC Australia 2007.

Boats of the Bermuda Police Service Marine Section at Barr’s Bay lint trimmer, in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Police boat, Liverpool, England, October 2009

Metropolitan Police boat John Harriott IV speeding down the Thames to an incident in June 2012

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Gabriel Franks on the Thames in 2005

Nina Mackay II on the Thames in 2013

Policework can be fun (The Netherlands, river Lek) in 2012

Police boats in the Biesbosch (The Netherlands) in 2008

Media related to Police boats at Wikimedia Commons

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